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Twogs is a new business platform designed by seasoned business people to enable time-strapped businesses to develop profitable relationships in ways that are easy and meaningful through a stable social media. If you like us are tired of the:

  • Pub of Facebook? Turning up to hopefully see some friends, but discovering that because your business hasn’t paid to boost or your business friends haven’t comment on your posts recently that they’re no longer there.

  • Rave of Twitter? Shouted snippets of conversations lost in the sheer volume of tweets and pace they are delivered by what seems like the whole world speed networking.

  • Gentlemen's club of Linkedin? With its rules that ensure it’s a primarily a professional tool, which has never lost the recruiting angle and where groups build and decline as they become abused by social sellers.


What is TWOGs?

TWOGs is a digital platform for businesses to build relationships without the pub of Facebook, the rave of Twitter and the gentleman’s club of LinkedIn. TWOGs are 70-140 words posted in chosen categories as a way to promote, form business relationships and build your business and ultimately increase your sales.

You can read other TWOGs comment and rate. Start a conversation or join in on one. Create groups of collaborative businesses. Networking clubs promote your club, allow your members to carry on the conversation.

TWOGs are sorted into business categories. The TWOGs are a showcase of expertise, thought, personality or maybe latest offer. There is a live feed of TWOGs with the most recent at the top and the opportunity to select useful reading categories.

The TWOG is a practical tool to get your business message heard locally, regionally and nationally.

The TWOG is for small businesses who are time-poor or with limited experience or budget for marketing, but understand that business success is based on relationships. Businesses who want to see a return on sales revenue in 3 to 6 months based on the reputation and trust that they have created.

Top Twogs

Relationships in business

21 hours ago

Andrew Long

Listening to Andrew Callard deliver his presentation earlier at CAP, a number of points resonated with me over the Social Selling theme.

I have always found that people buy from people,regardless of the product or service. I aim to build a relationship which takes the transaction itself away from the top of the list of priorities.

For me, the aim is for a client to treat me as their trusted adviser - not salesman, but someone whom they can approach for advice, without fear or fee, to give them the peace of mind which they seek. After all, when you purchase an insurance policy, it is not the piece of paper that you are buying, but the peace of mind.

This doesn't happen overnight of course, and I would never recommend anyone think of their insurance as a one-night stand!

Ben Cohen - New Ambassador for Forever Living Products

21 hours ago

Janey Cotton

Forever Living UK is delighted to announce that former England rugby star Ben Cohen is joining the Forever family.

Ben will be endorsing the Sports & Weight Management products including ARGI+, C9, Forever Lite Ultra, and more. Take a look at our Aloe Matters Magazine for more information: www.foreverknowledge.info/aloematters/

Watch this video for an insight into the life of Forever’s new UK F.I.T. Ambassador, what inspires him, and how he created a mentality that enabled him to achieve success youtu.be/x586UIsivAo

New Ladies Networking Group near Ledbury

22 hours ago

Janey Cotton

The inaugural meeting of Ledbury WiRE (Women in a Rural Enterprise) group took place at Westons Cider on Wednesday 21 June.  There was a fantastic turn out of 35 interesting and inspiring ladies from such a variety of businesses including Chartered Surveyors to cake bakers to renewable energy providers to packaging for food stuffs to health and wellness experts to paint balling and self-catering holidays to IT Experts to pregnant micro pigs and many many more. Helen Thomas, MD of Westons Cider was the guest speaker and gave an insight into the history of the Weston family and the growth and success of the home of Stowford Press.

The group aims to help women with small businesses with setting up, running and marketing their businesses.

Next meeting Wednesday 19 July, 9.15am-11am. Cost £5 (WiRE Members), £7 Non-Members to include light refreshments