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Twogs is a new business platform designed by seasoned business people to enable time-strapped businesses to develop profitable relationships in ways that are easy and meaningful through a stable social media. If you like us are tired of the:

  • Pub of Facebook? Turning up to hopefully see some friends, but discovering that because your business hasn’t paid to boost or your business friends haven’t comment on your posts recently that they’re no longer there.

  • Rave of Twitter? Shouted snippets of conversations lost in the sheer volume of tweets and pace they are delivered by what seems like the whole world speed networking.

  • Gentlemen's club of Linkedin? With its rules that ensure it’s a primarily a professional tool, which has never lost the recruiting angle and where groups build and decline as they become abused by social sellers.


What is TWOGs?

TWOGs is a digital platform for businesses to build relationships without the pub of Facebook, the rave of Twitter and the gentleman’s club of LinkedIn. TWOGs are 70-140 words posted in chosen categories as a way to promote, form business relationships and build your business and ultimately increase your sales.

You can read other TWOGs comment and rate. Start a conversation or join in on one. Create groups of collaborative businesses. Networking clubs promote your club, allow your members to carry on the conversation.

TWOGs are sorted into business categories. The TWOGs are a showcase of expertise, thought, personality or maybe latest offer. There is a live feed of TWOGs with the most recent at the top and the opportunity to select useful reading categories.

The TWOG is a practical tool to get your business message heard locally, regionally and nationally.

The TWOG is for small businesses who are time-poor or with limited experience or budget for marketing, but understand that business success is based on relationships. Businesses who want to see a return on sales revenue in 3 to 6 months based on the reputation and trust that they have created.

Top Twogs

Are You Game? (Part 3)

30 hours ago

Paul  James

It was the grand finale of Jacqui Lewis-Everley's CAP tour at Thursday Club today. Once again Jacqui's enthusiasm for board games rubbed off on the members, some of which (across all CAP Business Clubs) were asking where to buy them from, as they would make perfect team building games.

As explained so well, these games have various strategies, from working together to poker face fibbing and everything in-between. But the thing to remember is....they are fun!

Thank again Jacqui, a refreshing week at CAP.



3 days ago

Alison Ball

With everything that is going on in the world it beggars belief that Jeremy, as part of his election manifesto would come up with the earth shatter suggestion that we have four more Bank Holidays. Wow what a great idea. Surely he has thought this through hasn't he? What effect does he think that this might have on business? For some it would mean less days trading, for others an expensive day trading. I am not usually publicly political but give me strength. How would the introduction of extra bank holidays affect your business?

If this is the way to get the public vote then I want an extra day a week please and an increase in hours for a day from 24 to 28.

Rant over.

Have a nice day.

Drums and Trumpets

8 days ago

Sarah Trenchard

Drum roll please…. some good news to share with you all. I have been selected as a finalist for the annual prestigious Fine Art Guild Industry Framing Challenge Award 2017. Feeling pleased and proud to of made it this far. So I thought I would blow my “trumpet” so to speak.. not just about that (it is true!) but about my framing service. I am not used to doing it, as people who know me will attest to, it makes me feel uncomfortable and exposed, how many of you feel this way to? The Framing Challenge has also been a personnel one -  to make me blow my trumpet loudly so people hear what I do – 1000% bespoke, accredited, creative framing – THE DIFFERENCE REALLY IS IN THE DETAIL https://www.facebook.com/fellowsframing/photos/a.255413604644114.1073741828.228445484007593/827448030773999/?type=3