About TWOGs

What is TWOGs?

TWOGs is a digital platform for businesses to build relationships without the pub of Facebook, the rave of Twitter and the gentleman’s club of LinkedIn. TWOGs are 70-140 words posted in chosen categories as a way to promote, form business relationships and build your business and ultimately increase your sales.

TWOGS is not just about writing Twogs but also about reading, commenting and rating to start and join conversations. Formal and informal groups of businesses can be created so networking groups can showcase their members.

Or perhaps you want to find out about a certain type of business, then the sorting into categories allows this and the reader can pick up on expertise, thought or the latest offer. The useful read currently groups Twogs to help the reader.

Above all TWOGS is designed to be practical for real small businesses who in 10 minutes can get their message heard locally and regionally. And as a result they can start to build relationships which could deliver sales revenue within 6 months based on the reputation and trust they have created by regular simple engagement. And if they need help TWOGs provides the effective training that overcomes the social media obstacles.

TWOGs windowTop Twogger

Each category has an opportunity for individuals to the top TWOGger. Top TWOGers are calculated by not only the number of TWOGs that have been written but also the quality. TWOGs are rated by readers so this encourages quality TWOGs and of course the opportunity to be TOP TWOGger which if the testing version of the TWOG site is anything to go by it gets extremely competitive.

The TOP TWOGger sits at the top of the TWOGs list in that category so raises your businesses profile.

Does TWOGs Work?

TWOGS ran a beta test with 40 businesses of varying sizes and ages to ensure that the platform worked.

What we didn’t ask was that they tested the usefulness in creating business. Yet one triallist received an order worth over £4,000 as a result of TWOGging and 2 others gained leads from other triallists they only ‘met’ through the trial.

Over 150 businesses signed up in the first few days and more than 700 twogs now posted it looks like it does.

Will TWOGs work for You?

There is only one way to find out- register and join the 1% of Gloucestershire companies already TWOGging whether that’s writing or reading at this stage. Numbers are now increasing rapidly in Herefordshire and Worcestershire now we are expanding. 

TWOGS is always interested to hear where sales are made as a direct result of TWOGging so we can start to answer that perennial question for social media use in business - does it work?