4/5 My Top 13 Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017

Mary Meeker is an American venture capitalist who is a partner at Kleiner Perkins based in Silicon Valley.  Her specialism is the internet and technologies.  Until I read an article on Medium.com, I had never heard of Mary Meeker but what her report indicates is that the internet, the way we use it and the devices we use are changing and changing fast.

Below are some of the highlights that I, as a small business owner, need to know and I hope that you find them equally illuminating.

  1. Total internet users grow by 10% which shows steady growth year on year.
  2. U.S adults spend 5-6 hours a day on the internet on average including 3 hours per day on mobiles compared to 1 hour per day in 2011.  yet desktop use has only declined slightly indicates more of an addition than a shift to mobile.
  3. Mobile ad dollars now exceed desktop.  The total online ad spend is growing steadily.  Mobile has overtaken the desktop.
  4. people spend 28% of their media time on mobile yet it only receives 21% of the ad spend, indicating that there is a $16 billion opportunity for more ads on mobile.
  5. Advertising on the Internet will soon surpass T.V within 6 months the $ spend on internet adverts should eclipse those on T.V., indicating a huge opportunity for mobile products to soak up the shift.
  6. Google and Facebook control 85% of the growth online in online advertising and their share keeps increasing.  It becoming harder and harder for others to compete.
  7. Mobile Ad-blocking skyrockets nearly 400 million people around the world block mobile ads.
  8. Hyperlocal adverts drive foot traffic.  Google, Nextdoor, Foursquare and Uber location aware ads that appear when users are near the store can effectively influence purchases.
  9. Adverts targeted by your images following Google's success with AdWords based on what you type.  Snap is succeeding with adverts based on the images that you share.
  10. User and influencer-generated content make great adverts.  Ads repurposed from content shared by users on social media influences can perform much better than content created by stodgy brands.
  11. Customer service is switching to chat.  there is a rapid rise in the percentage of customer service conversations happening via real-time online chat instead of phones as users demand faster response times and wider access.
  12. YouTube loses mobile video share as Facebook and Snap grow social media apps with their conveniently short content and serendipitous discovery is driving mobile video growth.
  13. Malicious attachment spam rises as the growth of the cloud create new security concerns and spammers are using malicious attachments and phishing leading to a rapid rise in data breaches with over 100 million identities exposed.

I think that you will agree the dominance of the internet is growing and that the way to engage with it is shifting from desktop to mobile.  location indicators drive sales and foot traffic.  Live online customer service is becoming more popular with consumers.  

These are just 13 of the 56 trends mentioned in the Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, you can find the details here http://bit.ly/2rkMwlM