Six Nations Business Model

Six Nations business model


What a great weekend of rugby.  The hard work, team work and planning paid off, for some.

15 phases for England to get the ball over the line, they never gave up even though they were physically exhausted.  I don’t know about you but I tend to lean in the direction of the ball and find myself physically trying to get the ball over the line.  It either ends with me throwing my arms in the air in triumph or shouting at the television.  At the end of 80 minutes I am exhausted!

The Six Nation business model.  Picture this, you and your business.  You are trying to get to the goal and in your way, is a wall.  You gird your loins and run towards the wall, ball in hand, head down.  The obstacles are big but you are not afraid, you side step, you run across the field making little ground but you are still moving.  The breakthrough, a hole in the wall and you are ready, you have prepared, planned and now the opportunity is there the goal is in site and you trip.  You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? 

The game reminded me of how hard we all work as business owners and how we overcome the wall.


The scrum “two packs of players straining every muscle for every inch of the opposition territory they can claim”

Sound familiar?  Using every ounce of energy that we possess to gain the edge over our competitors. Team work guts and hard work every time.


The line-out, “it is a way of restarting play after the ball has been knocked or kicked out of play.  The aim of each player is simply to get their hands on the ball for their team.”

The ball aka. the customer.  The customer who has had a bad experience with another company.  The customer who is looking for a business that will take them over the line, will do all they can to succeed.  The customer who is looking for a great team.


The ruck “is a phase of play where one or more players from each team, who are on their feet, in physical contact close around the ball on the ground” to gain possession, both sides must try to drive over the ball to make it available to their team mates.

Closing around the ball, or looking after your customers/clients is key and it takes the whole team to engage in customer service.


The maul “similar to a ruck but the ball is not on the ground it is in hand and the ruck moves forward.  Players join in from behind and move the ball forward, if the maul stops the referee will shout ‘use it or lose it’ this means they have five seconds to pass the ball.

We all constantly drive our businesses forward; it is hard work and sometimes we must make quick decisions to keep the momentum.


Tackling is the only way of legally bringing down your opponent in rugby union.  Expect a yellow card and a spell in the sin bin or a red card and instant dismissal for more serious offences.”

Play fair and you will win, play dirty and your reputation will be damaged and so will your business.

The knock-on “rugby union is one of the few games where the ball cannot be passed forwards, if however, the player fumbles the ball but catches it before it hits the ground or another player then it is not a knock-on”

Any bad or unfortunate situation in business can be recovered with careful handling and skill and still go on to successful score a try.


Business, like rugby is hard work but if you hone your skills, work as a team and use your strength you will succeed. As for the runners up, they reform, reassess, make a new plan and try all over again the next time out.


Well done England!