The Robin, The Trees and The Wall

 Here is to the brave Robin2

Waiting at some traffic lights I was admiring the skill of the dry stone walling and how beautiful it was, I saw a Robin right in front of me which had been there all the time but I hadn't noticed it until it moved.  You see there were still brown leaves left on the tree, despite the blustery weather, and that those leaves were steadfast in staying on that tree and the Robin was completely camouflaged by them until it moved.  This scenario got me thinking about networking (I know, I don't know how I made that leap either!) and how we stay safe in familiar networking groups, like the leaves, when we should be more like the Robin and move to be seen.

There are so many networking groups throughout the country and I am not saying that they are all suitable for everyone but what if you were the Robin and went to other networking groups.  What if you stepped out of your comfort zone and travelled, not far, but travelled to meet new people who are in business like you.  People who are waiting to meet someone new, waiting for an opportunity to work with a new business, waiting for the Robin to show himself.

Nothing bad can come from it, I try to meet new businesses all the time, yes scary at first, but I have experienced great friendships, referrals, co-operation, collaboration and support not to mention the sales.


So here is to the brave Robin that travels along the wall and visits the trees, the robin that can only experience good things from each of the trees.

Here is to the brave Robin!