Working together is the name of the success game

Working together is the name of the success game


I don’t know about you but I really love a good old fashioned notebook but I also love gadgets and in our tech strewn world the physical notebook was going out of fashion, that is until two companies at either end of the tech scale collaborated.  Evernote, one of the most popular online platforms that lets you share ideas across desktop and mobile platforms, you can make notes collect articles and they are synced across all your devices, Moleskin on the other hand make great notebooks, so when these two companies collaborated they came up with the Evernote Smart Notebook  


'In this age of information overload, good information management tools are sorely needed. And if such a tool can link the two worlds in which information circulates—the digital and the physical—then information overload can be overcome.

Evernote and Moleskine, two renowned companies that endeavour to make note taking more efficient and more comfortable—the former in digital version and the latter, in print form—have combined forces to provide Evernote Smart Notebook, a Moleskine notebook with advanced features. It links physical note taking with software, enabling easy organisation of access to notes, anywhere and at any time. Evernote is a single software platform for taking, organising and searching notes across multiple devices. Beyond written notes, it enables users to store photos and sound clips, and to capture text and images from websites. Business at Moleskine, whose products are known for being elegant and practical, is growing. Their notebooks are a channel for people to write down their experiences, express their personality and let their imagination roam free.

Sixty percent of Moleskine clients use digital tools, the most popular of which include Evernote. The Evernote Smart Notebook has a feature called Page Camera, which enables users to take a specially formatted snapshot of their written notes or sketches using their smartphone or tablet. Users can control the contrast and brightness of the image, and can perform text searches, thanks to optical text recognition. It also includes smart page-markers for text and drawings, which are recognized (via the user’s digital camera) for subsequent compilation of related digital files into a single folder. This ensures the same level of organisation between the physical notebook and the digital data. The Evernote Smart Notebook also includes 3 free months of the service Evernote Premium, which offers advanced functions not included in the free version of the software.'

 50 examples of business collaboration Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros

 A perfect example of how two businesses collaborated to create a great product that filled a gap in the market.


Business growth through collaboration

There are many advantages to collaboration in business, all it takes is a little creative thinking and talking to the right collaborator.

' A business may work collaboratively to achieve several key business benefits:

  • Financial benefits - the financial benefits of being part of a network can include an increase in domestic or export sales, submitting a joint tender to win larger contracts or a reduction in costs by sharing resources.
  • Human capital - the benefits to staff can include developing employees' skills and abilities, safe-guarding jobs, increasing employment and encouraging staff motivation.
  • Physical capital - the benefits of being part of a network can have an impact on the physical capital of the business by supporting the sharing of facilities, equipment and raw materials.
  • Intellectual capital - the intellectual capital of a business can benefit through information-sharing, engagement in collaborative research and development, and design activities. They may avail of other companies' complementary strengths, capabilities and share best practice.
  • Develop new processes - joining a network can support a business to develop new or innovative products, processes or services. It may help increase company knowledge of a marketplace to help them identify potential new customers and allow them to compete more effectively.'

 NI Business Info

The most trusted and oldest form of marketing that never fails to work

It is not just collaboration in the resource sense either that can help businesses to grow there is also referrals. There are three ways that referrals are used


1.Referrals can be used in a customer referral program; we see them all the time and are very successful for a lot a lot of well-known brands such as Uber, Amazon and PayPal to name but a few.  The idea behind it is that you are rewarded for recommending these companies to a friend.  The reward might be in discounts, free gifts, points or vouchers.  These schemes are very successful and are easy to implement in a small business. You can read this article by Kimberly Smith on “How one company more than doubled customer referrals”

2.We all network and the oldest, most trusted form of doing business is word of mouth.  We trust it, nobody is going to recommend someone who does a shabby job or produces a duff product.

3. Good service and good products get people to tell stories and it is the spreading of the story that sells your product/service.  If it solves a problem or makes our lives easier, we can’t wait to tell our friends/family/colleagues, and that can only be good for your business.

It is TWOGs fundamental belief that businesses that work together whether through referral, collaboration, advice or support grow stronger and faster together.  We provide the platform. Come and join the conversation. 


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