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As TWOGS develops so will this section of our website as best practice emerges. While some of the general best practice for social media and blogging applies to making TWOGging more effective, what is perhaps a more important guide is what transfers from the way you want to do business and create real productive relationships.

The Original Six TWOG tips on what to TWOG about:

  1. Start TWOGging

  2. Rate, Comment and Enjoy

  3. Regular TWOGging

  4. Forming Groups

  5. Case Studies

  6. Sales Messages

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Face-to-face networking is a proven way for most businesses to create sales over the medium term if certain approaches are taken. Some of those approaches also apply to TWOGS.

TWOG tips on a TWOG strategy to sales:

  1. The 4 questions of starting new business relationships

  2. Building Relationships Sensibly

  3. Increasing Awareness of Your Business

  4. Receiving Relevant Referrals

  5. Sales and Other Successes!

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