A TWOG Strategy for Sales

1.The 4 questions of starting new business relationships

Business growth depends on the creation and development of relationships with other people and companies. To start answer these four key questions: 

  • Why? Without someone else to talk to even virtually, then it is impossible to sell anything. Too often businesses say they want more customers, but are afraid to undertake the work to get them

  • What? Sometimes it’s good to be a tart and make friends with everyone, because you never know who know or what they might suggest that’s useful to your business. Be interested in them.

  • Who? Or the focused business-led approach of who might buy and with whom I might start to find out if they might be interested.

  • When? The simplest answer is always now. Now in the sense of don’t delay. But now because a little regularly works best to begin new business relationships.

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2. Building Relationships Sensibly

When you were young did you have a crush on someone, could never pluck up the courage to talk them, but were sure that they must know what you felt? 

Or now do you do the business equivalent of saying hello to someone, once, with a business card exchange when you’re networking? Or tell them everything they need to know when you’ve just met? And then wonder why no business results? 

In all cases the answer is simple, relationships need to be built by communication. Typically by taking an interest in others first and then telling them a little about ourselves, but never the full-on sell until we know the contact themselves are a prospect.

Marketing says it takes between 8-10 contacts of various kinds before a deal is done. Take interest in someone else by rating or commenting today.

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3. Increasing Awareness of Your Business

Business awareness is a simple model. Here’s what we’re called, (if you’re lucky a person’s name to talk to); here’s what we do (a range of things usually works best) and do you, the possible customer, care enough today to act? If you don’t care then I won’t bore. I will gently remind so that you might remember who I am and what I do, in case you or your friends need to care in the future.

Timing is everything. Unless the purchaser believes they have a need they won’t buy. I don’t need a new windscreen until the stone breaks it. With need we go to businesses we know, like and trust. In building awareness, the best businesses enable their customers to like and trust them consistently. So they at least know where to go to ask the question. 

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4. Receiving Relevant Referrals 

The old saying that it’s better to give than receive can be applied to referrals, because there is a very strong relationship between the giving and receiving of quality referrals.

Much business networking is based on the exchange of referrals. We go to the breakfast meeting to get business not for the food usually! For some referrals are a very explicit part of the process; for others a sub-text. 

To be able to refer others effectively you need to meet and understand their business perhaps in a simple 1:1 meeting explicitly for that purpose. As we understand more about another business so we are able to understand the sort of lead they want. So if someone gives you a referral always follow it up with those referred and referring to increase the likelihood of more of the business you want.

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5. Sales and Other Successes! 

Virtual and face-to-face networking should always be measured on sales. TWOGS are no different. If you joined TWOGS at the Gloucestershire Business Show and you’ve created your habit of TWOGging regularly (daily, weekly, fortnightly) you should by December, hopefully, have the satisfaction of a sale.

But sales come from using a variety of tools properly in combination. TWOGging will have raised awareness of your company. It will start communication, which may then have led to meetings and so to your typical sales process. It is the habit which is the magic.

Case studies help potential customers understand how your product or services worked for others. They also show that others have bought. TWOGS are always interested in sales successes so please tell us not least so we can prove how effective this business platform is at helping others get success.

140 Words TWOGs Timely Words Often Get Success.