Original Six TWOG Tips

1. Start TWOGging

Not sure what to write in your first TWOG? Why not introduce yourself. Start by thinking of your one-minute intro at a networking event.

What is your Business? Who are your clients? Are you looking for new clients? How can other members help you? What sort of referrals would you like? Do you have any offers on at the moment? Looking to collaborate with another business?

Use TWOGs as an extension to your weekly network meeting. Can’t attend a networking meeting for a couple of weeks then the TWOG can keep members informed of what referrals you are after or offers that you have. Members can only refer you if they know what you want/doing.

TWOGs do not have to be well-researched monoliths of information, it is a short snappy piece of authentic writing that represents you and your business.

One hundred and forty words TWOGs 

2. Rate, comment and enjoy! 

TWOGs are relaxed, no one is going to check your spelling or grammar. The important things about a TWOG is it is authentic. People/clients like authentic they know who they are dealing with.

Start building relationships by rating and commenting on other TWOGs, it starts a conversation. If you have a comment on one of your TWOGs then respond to it, if there is no conversational response then just thank the person for reading and taking an interest in your TWOG, you have still made a link.

Comments can be for asking questions about a person’s business, the more people know about your business the easier it is for them to get to know you and your business. Rating a TWOG is a way of gauging what people are interested in reading.

132 words TWOGs – Twog With Other Gloucestershire-arians Soon

3. Regular TWOGging

The secret to TWOGging is to do it regularly. What to TWOG about could be stopping you, so here are a few tips. 

Think about your business, why not write about the last client/sale you made: did you go that extra mile, was there something unique about the client/order that you had to fulfil? Showcase it in your TWOG, it can only be a good thing for your business and for prospective clients. You don’t have to put the complete case study here, you can give a taster and then direct people to your website for the full story.

Aim to be the-go-to person:

  • show your knowledge and expertise about your product or service;

  • 5 key things about…;

  • how to….;

  • an exhibition or trade show you have attended;

  • what are the latest trends in ….

135 words TWOGs - Twog With Ordered Gusto succinctly 

4. Forming Groups

Forming groups in TWOGs is considered to be key. They can be networking groups or they can be power groups or businesses with a common goal.

What is a power group? Power groups are made up of complementary businesses, so for example for a commercial photographer the power group might consist of businesses who use images, graphic designers, web designers, publication editors etc. Conversations with these people can lead to a positive outcome; a sale or a referral.

Groups may be made up of businesses in the same industry, not a bad thing if you are looking for a solution or can offer advice. Or they could be for a common goal or mutual support such as the Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs.

122 words TWOGs – Together, Working On Group similarities

5. Case Studies

Case studies make great promotional material for any business. An in-depth look at how your company has helped a client could bring you valuable media coverage, although you may not be able to fit an entire case study in your TWOG introduce one and put a link to your website for the full version.

Give it a strong title that encapsulates the story, such as: “Acme Co grows customer base by 100% using Nuclear Plastiwidgets”.

Use statistics to show the difference the product has made and the benefits gained. Ballpark figures are fine. Include your website and contact details for more information.

Show the case study to your customer before you send it off, both as a courtesy and to check the content is accurate. Maybe they could use it in their own marketing?

134 words TWOGs –Try With Other Great Scenarios

6. Sales Messages

We would suggest that you use sales messages sparingly, no one want to be bombarded and people will soon switch off if this is all they read about. A sales message should be targeted to a particular client/product/event/season.

You can use TWOGs as a taster to some great offers that you have on and use a link to take them to your website for all your offers. You may be running a competition for one of your products or services, TWOGs is the perfect platform to launch it.

Use your TWOG as a countdown to an upcoming offer, allow pre-orders via TWOGs keep customers informed. 

105 words TWOGs – Triumph Winning Oodles Great Sales 

Timely Words Often Get Success, but the above proves you need not be restricted either by the minimum of 70 or maximum of 140 words.