Most social media appears to be free as the original newspaper models of curated content failed to take off. In reality they are not as their business models are based upon advertising and collecting data on their users so that they can present to them the adverts and promotions they might be interested in.

TWOGS raises revenue through two types of pricing:

  1. Membership

  2. Promotion

PLEASE NOTE All prices shown currently exclude VAT.

Business Membership

TWOGS will always be free to be a member in a business’s home county. There is no charge to write or read TWOGS in that county. This means that for micro and small businesses serving a small area in a county there is no cost. There are no other benefits to the free membership.

Now TWOGS covers counties outside of its launch county Gloucestershire, to write and read TWOGs in 2 other counties costs £48 pa as a Bronze Member. Groups of 3 counties can then be added for a further cost of £48pa. These are paid as a single cost on an annual basis. Businesses operating regionally then have a nominal cost to extend their reach should they opt to use it. Bronze membership entitles the member to 20% off any face-to-face training events they attend.

Group Membership 

Any group may apply to set up a group under the group feature.

If you run a club or a networking group then you can have your own page where members can carry on their conversations, raise awareness of their businesses to other businesses in the county, raise awareness of the club to attract new members, notify members of events.

Group’s page membership is managed by you as a nominated admin. TWOGgers will apply to join to that admin using the request button which triggers a notification to the nominated admin. If a group page is set up on behalf of an existing organisation, checks will be made to ensure that there is appropriate authorisation and TWOGS reserve the right to change the administering member if requested by that organisation. It is the responsibility of the Group to notify TWOGS of any changes to the nominated admin.

Alternatively the Group could be a power group or loose association of businesses.

The cost for a Group Page searchable by the group option is £120 per county pa. TWOGS reserves the right to charge an additional admin fee where the Admin account is changed more than 4 times in a year.

The ABC of Promotional Opportunities

TWOGS has a range of promotional opportunities as it grows. The following applies to a single county situation. 

Adverts - £15 per week

Adverts appear in key places on the main TWOG dashboard. They are a specified size and are presented on a rotated and random basis to the viewer when a new page is chosen. Adverts can be placed now by contacting the TWOG Team. They will review the proposed advert and authorise its inclusion. The purchaser of the advert remains liable for compliance to ASA requirements. The cost of an advert appearing for a week is £15 and for a month £30.


Categories are where you wish your TWOGs to appear, currently you have a choice of one of the 15 main categories and two of the 148 narrower categories. All businesses fit into one of the 15 main categories, which are then subdivided into more particular types of business. In the future this in turn may be divided further into over 1,000 narrower categories which allows business then to signpost themselves as a highly specialist business.

Currently when TWOGs are written they can be posted in three categories. These by default are set as the describing categories of the business, but can be changed to alternative categories if for example a particular type of business is the focus of the TWOG or sales target. As the number of TWOGgers grow, there will be opportunity to purchase additional numbers of categories on a six monthly basis and details will be published here.



1 county
3 Categories
Webinars @ £10 each
Training £48-150

1 Counties
No Free Advertising



3 Counties
No Free Advertising
20% off training workshops
Worth £394 pa

£48.00 / Year


6 Counties
3 Months Advertising
20% off any training workshops
Worth £494 pa

£96.00 / Year


9 Counties
6 Months Advertising
20% off any training workshops
Worth £584 pa

£144.00 / Year