The TWOG team is made up of seasoned business people who could see the need for a platform where businesses could have meaningful conversations and create profitable relationships. A platform designed for mobile devices primarily, but which also as effectively on laptops and tablets so that in only 10 minutes, a business could share a message or communicate a success or need. Somewhere where it was as easy to read and find out about others, as it is to write sensibly.

Our Background

Alison Ball and Andrew Callard run their own businesses. Alison, a Commercial Photographer at Lemon Photographic and Andrew, a Marketing Consultant and Business Growth Coach at Aimed Business. These businesses have funded the ongoing development work of TWOGS with the technology rollout planned for the next year as the use of TWOGS develops.

With a background in visual design and RAF photographic training, Alison has been running Lemon Photographic since 2007 serving a wide range of businesses across the South West and West Midlands. She has also been involved in the creation, training and deployment of a virtual learning system in a leading college. The original concept of TWOGS came to her in 2015.

Andrew has previously built two £1M+ business units through effectively deploying marketing across those units and has been involved with research and training for businesses to use the web from websites to social media since 1996. Initially he was brought in to help turn the concept into a business and stayed.


We are in this for the long haul and as TWOGs grows county to county we will watch with pleasure the conversations, relationships and businesses grow.

Unlike most social media, we are not fixated by massive numbers as our measure for success, but rather a scalable business model that enables fellow businesses to deploy their time and financial resources more effectively to build the local, regional and national relationships that underpin their success and survival. It is for this reason that we are now developing various training workshops and seminars so that businesses are able to use social media effectively.

We believe that business is a social activity where a social media-type platform can help make that activity successful and in doing so have fun!

So we invite you to come and join the fun of business.