There is almost an assumption that social media and business should be intuitive. This means no training is required, which may be partly correct. TWOGs have made our platform as easy to use as possible by trading off and responding to the ways that people actually use TWOGs against the technology which enables that use. But making something easy to use does not mean that it will always be used to best effect.

TWOGs’ slogan is Together Building Better Business. From what businesses have told us, they not only need a business social platform like TWOGs, but would also welcome training on how to use it and social media effectively for their business. As a result we are launching the second phase of TWOGs early to provide that training.

Training Workshops

Across the counties we cover, we will be running monthly face to face workshops for half a day covering the key elements of effective business social media practice. They include:

  • The Blog Slog and How to Beat It
  • Up Your Blog with Focus and SEO
  • Creating a Writing Process
  • Journalling- Organise and Time to think

The next workshop is The Blog Slog and How to Beat It at The Royal Hotel Ross on Tuesday 25th July. Book while there's space.

The full costs of our training courses range from £45-150.

Training Seminars

The best way to gain fully interactive training is face-to-face as good trainer can always spot and respond to the quizzical look. But TWOGs recognises that given the geographic spread of its training workshops, not all businesses can make the time or day to attend. This is why we will also be running series of on-line one hour seminars. These can be linked together to cover the content of a workshop shown above. Alternatively they may be subjects better covered on-line.

A one-off training seminar costs £10 or a course £30.


TWOGs is shortly kicking off regular webinars to cover in half to three quarter hour sessions:

  • Tips and updates on Twogging, social media and business in general
  • Short presentations on issues affecting smaller businesses, which may expand views from an original Twog or provide best practice and information.
  • Guest slots for businesses, organisations and groups to enable a better understanding of a specialist topic.

Webinars are only open to Bronze TWOGs members and above.

Schedule of Events

We are currently working on the first schedule of events. Links will be posted here.

Training Workshops

The Blog Slog and How to Beat It at The Royal Hotel Ross-on-Wye. 25th July. More details

The Blog Slog and How to Beat It in Cheltenham Monday 4th September. More details